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      Hello I was wondering if anyone has connected a wb2mp3 unit to any of the 200 selection Wurlitzer wallbox's ie 5210, 5250 or 5220 if so did you have any issues with the system?

      was also wondering if anyone had tried the new version of the software? Are there any noticeable changes / advantages of using it?

      Cheers Scudie

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      Hello Scudie,

      concerning the software it's about the same, the main difference is that it fixes a bug while using it with MacOs and Linux. Indeed in the past the software was unable to find the SDcard on these system, now it automatically detects the OS and the way it has to search for an SDcard according to this information.

      Have you faced any issue concerning Wurlitzer wallbox's ie 5210, 5250 or 5220?

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      Hi Fabien

      Yes when I connected my 5250 to a wb2mp3 with an sd card written for the 5250 there was nothing played when any of T, U., V selections were selected. I identified that when A1 was pressed it actually played D1 so was missing the first 30 selections, this carried on all through the selections where S0 played track V0.

      I had all ready stripped and cleaned every contact on the letter & number buttons, also the wiper arm contact and board.

      I then swapped the 5250 for my 5210 that works perfectly with my W 2100, the wb2mp3 behaved the same with the 5210.

      So I tried a new sd card this had no affect, formatted the card and wrote it for a 5210, still no difference.

      I did the same with an sd configured for a 5220, this made no difference.

      So I then started going through the software and did a sd card for all of the 200 select wallbox's that are listed, Seeburg AMI and Rockola.

      I found with an sd card Configured for a 200 select Rockola 1555 I had all 200 selections with both the 5210 & 5250 but the 5250 selection order was wrong so I converted the title pages to the same as the 5210.

      This caused me a lot of wasted time and lots of headaches!

      Kind Regards



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      Good morning Fabien

      you suggest that I send back one of my cards for you to write a special program for it?

      i have tried several cards & multiple SD cards and the results are always the same.

      The card behaves in exactly the same way when connected to either the 5250 or the 5210.

      My 5210 works correctly when connected to the 2100 so I am sure both of the wallbox's are working correctly.

      As the card works correctly with an SD configured for A Rockola 1555 giving all 200 selections & starting at A1 This would make me think that the problem is in the software itself?

      Cheers Scudie

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      i have the same problem and i also think its the program (software)


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      Which model do you have wurlitzer from? Do you also have the first 30 missin selections? Were you able to resolve the problem?
      See you soon Scudie

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      Hey folks,

      Any chance you're using a US model in Europe? I was reading on another forum where someone was trying that and was getting a similar problem. I think he was getting D4 when A1 was selected. He suspected that running on 50 HZ instead of 60 HZ was causing the motor to run slower and the cycle time was too long. Have you checked your cycle time vs. what the manual calls for?

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      Hi Steve

      Have you read this post from the beginning?

      My 5210 & 5250 both works fine on 50hz when connected to either the W 2100 or I pod adapter. Apart from the fact that the title page's on the 5250 are wrong for the 2100.

      With the sd configured for any of the 200 select wurlitzers it plays D1 when A1 is pressed, all subsequent selections are exactly 30 tracks out of sync, until you press T1 onwards it plays nothing at all for any of the T U or V selections.

      My theory is that as it started exactly 30 tracks out of sync there's nothing left for the last 30 selections.

      Cheers Scudie

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      Yes I read from the beginning but not very well apparently. 🙂

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      To make my 5250 work properly I had use a Seeburg configuration file and add an offset to the names of the music files. I started at "sel011.mp3" for A1 and ended at "sel210.mp3" for V0 using "c0s03.cnf" as the configuration file. This is on a 60hz US 5250 although I don't think the frequency is the issue. The 5250 puts out an extra pulse to be compatible with the Seeburg 200 select WMA causing an offset. The wallbox2mp3 software does not seem to decode the 5250 pulses correctly.

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      Good evening

      I certainly think it's a software issue, I remember it taking me a while to get it to work by using an Sd card configured for a Rockola 1555. I thought it was only me having problems with a 5250.

      I assume that if you use the software to configure an SD card for the 5250 that you had the same problem as me? Ie no selections for T, U, or V, because it plays D1 when A1 is selected.

      By using the Seeburg configuration & offsetting the files by 10, does that allow you to keep the pages of the 5250 numbered as it left the factory?

      good to hear you resolved the issue.

      What coins does your 5250 accept?

      Cheers Scudie



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        Yes, same problem when I used the recommended 5250 configuration file. My 5250 selections follow the A1, A2, A3, A4… sequence and work fine with the file name offset. I believe there were other 5250 wall boxes that used a different sequence so there may have to be more file name adjustment with those. My 5250 will take nickels, dimes, quarters, and half dollars.

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      That was sequence of my 5250 pages, but have now swapped them to A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 etc, which is the same as my 5210.

      I am guessing that they changed the way the pages were numbered sometime in the late 50's

      My 5250 accepts pre decimal English currency, but sometime in the past one of the posts that are screwed into the credit unit disc has been removed, the problem I have is I don't know the dimensions of it to fabricate a new one, to complicate things further the posts were originally different colors for identification purposes but due to corrosion mine now all look pretty much the same color, so I am unsure which post is missing. It would be a great help if you could measure the four posts on your box (from the surface of the disc to its tip) so I can work out which one of mine is missing and fabricate one.

      Cheers Paul


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