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    Hi Scudie,

    Great to keep us posted. With your help, maybe we can finally get rid of that hum…





    Hi Michiel

    Personaly I believe that Sooner deserves most of the credit for this, with some input from Klaatu also.

    We do not appear to have had any input on the matter from the team!

    I am busy with work, parents & other projects at the moment so it may take me  few weeks to give it a go.


    Ok so the Buzzing on the left speaker is GONE!!!

    I have found time this week to have a go at the amp and emulator.

    After removing the speaker / audio connector block as advised by Sooner, I cut the traces that lead from under the audio connector block to four of the connections of the on board amp, according to Klaatu’s post of the amp they are 1-3 & 14-16.

    I ordered some of the PAM 8403 amps back in September of last year, but have since been busy with other projects. Finally this week I found the time and parts to have a go at replacing the onboard amp with one of the new ones.
    Got it wired up this afternoon, the good news is that  if there is any buzzing at all it is so very slight that I can’t audibly detect it through the left speaker now,  it is a total transformation to how it was beforehand.
    I may be being over critical as I am paying particular attention to the sound, trying very hard to listen for anything that should not be there.
    As you can see in the photo it’s only a trial at the moment connected to the SC1 that I fitted the LED’s to, that are still going strong.
    Have been sat listening to it now for an hour or more now and I believe all selections so far have been buzz free. I am convinced that it’s cured it. Very Happy & well worth the effort! Thanks to Sooner & Klaatu for the information in previous posts.

    Cheers Scudie


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    Another thing I learned since I originally posted is that hot glue doesn’t stick to the PCB very well.  I had to re-glue mine using epoxy.


    I was thinking of mounting the new remote amp separate to the emulator, with an hole in the backplate so if desired the volume could be adjusted using a small screwdriver without having to remove the cover.

    Cheers Scudie.


    Scudie, did you manage to find a trouble free solution for LED lightning ?

    Not too bright ?


    Hi Klaatu

    I think that the photo makes the led’s  look brighter than they really are, just look at the ones on the emulator,  the ones in the photo are the cool white colour, I have not tried them with a cover on yet to check what they look like, if they are too bright I will fit some higher rated resistors. These have been on now for weeks & weeks.

    Cheers Scudie

Viewing 7 posts - 21 through 27 (of 27 total)
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