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    In my oppinion if they’re is to be a next generation of wb2mp3, my sugestions would be to stop the back ground hum that can be heard when the volume is low & also between chosen tracks.
    Also that all of the units behave in the same way when the cancel/reject button is pressed
    Currently some wb2mp3 cancell all selections while others only cancel the track that is playing.



    hello and welcome to the forum

    concerning this hum, could you let me know if you use the remote pot ? could you also tell me if the wallbox2mp3 is inside the wallbox ?
    if so it could be intresting to try to wire the wallbox metal part directly to the GND terminal block of the wallbox2mp3.
    Indeed for some reasons it seems that a parasite signal is received by the amplifier.
    Doing such of thing would transform the wallbox into a metal shield for the wallbox2mp3 system

    Concerning the reject button, I’ve just not identified such a trouble but it should be easy to fix, I’m going to check that.

    Thank you so much for your feedback, now that our team has grown, we’ll have the necessary time to really improve the system



    Good evening Fabien

    It is good news that the forum is now working again, and also very good that you now have help in running things.

    I have now  fitted several  wb2mp3 units into the  inside of  Seeburg SC 1-4 consollete’s that use the original speakers,  also one inside a Rowe WRA 200 & another one inside a wooden box that contains all of the other necessary components, this has a pair of modern Sony speakers all of them have the same back ground hum.

    Perhaps a photo on the forum of your suggested ground wire from the metal body to the ground connection on the wb2mp3 may help others experiencing the same problem.

    Only one of them has had the external volume pot fitted as it was the first I had converted, I followed your idea from a YouTube video and fitted it to the coin entry plate at the top of the cover. Subsequently I figured out how to utilise the volume control switches that are part of the wallbox so did not require the external pot.

    Cheers Scudie




    Ok,so concerning this hum,I think that I’ve found a solution,it concerns only left speakers,right ?





    Good evening Fabien

    Yes it would appear that the hum is from the left hand speaker.

    kind regards




    Bonjour Fabien

    Forgot to ask in the last post if you had identified anything with my question of the reject button cancelling all selections?  I tried yesterday disconnecting the remote cancell switch I had fitted, and with the cover off pressed the cancel button on the board /card, this made no difference it still cancelled all selections.

    Kind Regards Scudie



    Have been thinking about the improvements that could be made to the WB2mp3 unit, other than the ones listed in the previous posts.

    1 the random selection option , in my experience is not stable/ reliable. I think it would be better if it did not activate untill there had been no activity for the set amount of time, a friend of mine has one that will play a random track in the middle of selected tracks which I don’t think it should. Also sometimes it will play a random track before playing the selected ones even though it has just been switched on.

    2 The units ability to remember all of the tracks that have been selected & to play them all is sometimes a bit hit &  miss. On my own personal machine occasionally it will play all of the selected tracks more often than not it will miss one or two selections, even if only five or six selections had been made.

    Cheers Scudie


    romain gardes

    Hello Scudie, I am Romain, one of Fabien’s interns!
    Thank you for your message (sorry we respond very late because we have a heavy workload). We will look at all the problems that the wallbox2mp3 encounters.
    After that, a new version of the wallbox2mp3 will probably be designed.
    Kind regards Romain



    Good evening or Bonsoir Romain.

    Its good to know that someone is taking the time to read and answer the comments / questions that have been posted on the forum.

    I look forward to the day when the wb2mp3 performs as reliably as other units that are available & without the dreaded background noise! Which for me is pain in the derrière!

    Has Fabien or Gaëlle shown you the email that  I forwarded from a friend of mine, Andrew had been looking into the problem with the audio side of the wb2mp3? & had made some suggestions.

    Will you be also answering email queries?

    Kind Regards Scudie

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    hello scudie
    as you know, we are a very small team and we are not yet able to respond frequently enough to our customers, this is something we want to improve!
    about the email of your friend, fabien saw it well and study and wishes to make a new prototype before answering on the technical questions
    unfortunately, there is not enough time to do everything
    I know that I have already answered that a few months ago but we are progressing little by little with the desire to improve a little more each day!

    aware of our lack of response, this is why the forum has a usefulness and we thank all participants for their involvement and understanding!

    have a nice musical day !




    When I generate my Seeburg (3W1or 3W100) Playlist, the checkbox option to “Also Print the complete list of your selections separately” lists the items, two columns, across the page, in other words all the odd numbered selections, A1, A3 and so on, are on the left column, and all the even numbered items are on the right. I’d like to ask that the items be listed vertically, similar to hos the would appear on actual strip, the A thru E items on the left, and then the rest on the right. This would make the selection list look more like the strips when they are in the wallbox.

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