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    We have a feedback from a customer, I would like to have other feedback to see if it’s his wallbox2mp3 V1.5 defective or if there is something to improve.

    Currently he is only using the audio output from the unamplified mini plug of the v1.5.

    It appears that the volume/signal level from that plug is much lower than the typical line level output from, for example, an iPhone or other MP3 player.

    This has resulted not being able to obtain reasonable volume levels from most of his self-powered speakers, even at their max volume levels.

    More problematic, he is trying to use a Bluetooth transmitter/receiver from the wallbox2mp3’s line out but the level of output from the mini plug does not seem strong enough for a meaningful signal out of the Bluetooth receiver (into my Sonos system).

    The Bluetooth transmitter/receiver works fine when using other sources such as my iPhone output.

    Did you have this kind of trouble ?


    Good afternoon Gaëlle

    Ok so I connected a Bluetooth transmitter to the audio jack on a V1.5  & turned on the power, I immediately noticed a humming noise through the Bluetooth speaker that varied in volume as the volume control was adjusted.

    I selected a song on the wallbox and it played the song with plenty of volume, but there was a lot of background hum from the Bluetooth speaker with or  without any song playing .

    When I plug earphones into the audio jack there is no noticeable humming.

    I think that the audio jack socket is not correctly soldered to the board as there is movement.

    Cheers Scudie

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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