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    just a thought on  how the WB2MP3 may be improved further and this is meant to be a constructive suggestion to improve its functionality.

    You may want to consider adding to the circuit board an MP3 Transmitter of audio quality which is internally powered. I know we can already add a MP3 transmitter but the smaller ones that would fit inside the wallbox tend to be rechargeable type which just adds to the process of using our wallboxes.

    I would be happy to be able to play my wallbox tunes through my home stereo via bluetooth. Currently my AMI W120 plays through stereo amplifier and speakers by wire connecting to the amp. The whole set up would be more versatile via bluetooth without the limitations of hard wiring. Just my opinion.

    Many thanks for WB2MP3 it is a great product, congratulations.






    Hi Wolfie

    The addition of a on board Bluetooth device / system is  something that has been suggested by several people here on the forum.

    I also suggested the possibility of transmitting the audio via wifi,  as I believe several of the home audio systems such as Sonos do.

    As I have not tried fitting an ad on Bluetooth transmitter to the inside of a wallbox, I am unable to make judgement on its potential effectiveness when concealed in a metal box. It may have a detrimental affect?

    When I have used a Bluetooth transmitter I have connected an earphone extension cable to the ear phone jack, this  just protrudes through to the outside of the case, then connected the transmitter to the extension  as and when it was required.

    This way charging of the Bluetooth device is not a problem, although I would prefer it aesthetically if it were not visible.

    Cheers Scudie



    I think an antenna would be needed to emit signal, won’t work inside a metal box.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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