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    That’s it, a new version is available, v1.5 !!

    The new V1.5 wallbox2mp3 released manages the sound a completely new way ; The sound is now digitally managed until it arrives to its amp / jack output ,so it’s fully protected against Electromagnetic Interference ,it’s also protected by much more audio filters. The sound doesn’t go any more throughout the remote pot ribbon but has been replaced by a simple current value decoded by a digital potentiometer, so you can use a very long remote pot cable ( up to 150 inches,more than 400 inches using an higher wire gauge ) without any possible consequence on sound quality.

    Moreover the sound amplifier is much more powerfull and can act as a class D ( better efficiency ) or a class AB ( to sum up better sound quality ) audio amplifier. In class AB mode,both stereo speakers can share the same ground,so you’ll be able to directly wire any stereo wallbox with integrated speaker to the WB2mp3 !

    While waiting for our v2 which should be released in the coming months… .

    If you would like an exchange, don’t hesitate to contact me on contact@r, I’ll explain you how to do that !


    Have a nice day !!

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    ça y est, une nouvelle version est disponible, la v1.5 !!

    Elle gère le son d’une toute nouvelle manière.

    Le son reste désormais entièrement numérique jusqu’à son arrivée à l’ampli / au connecteur jack; Ce afin d’éviter tout parasite lié aux émissions électromagnétiques. Il est également protégé par un plus grand nombre de filtres électriques. Le son ne traverse maintenant plus le câble de déportation du potentiomètre déporté mais a été remplacé par un simple courant analysé numériquement. Ainsi le potentiomètre peut être déporté sur plusieurs mètres sans conséquence sur la qualité sonore.

    L’amplificateur audio est désormais bien plus puissant , il peut au choix fonctionner en classe D ( rendement sonore optimisé ) ou en classe AB ( théoriquement une meilleure qualité sonore )

    En attendant notre v2 qui devrait sortir dans les mois qui viennent …..

    Si vous souhaitez un échange standard, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter à

    Excellente journée


    I’m confused. I see there’s a version 1.4 for sale on eBay:

    And now there’s a version 1.5 available?

    And Version 2 coming soon?


    Yes, we have 2 versions of the wallbox2mp3.

    You can see details of improvements here or on the user’s manual



    Yes it exists !


    For Sooner and other wondering :

    Basically, v1.5 treat sound a different way and solve the hum and other noises.

    And v2 will offer the same + LCD screen + Smartphone application.
    So if you don’t need these extra, go for the v1.5 😉

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    Thanks Klaatu,
    So what’s different about the 1.4 on eBay vs. the 1.3?

    Some questions about the new 1.5 version:
    1. Has the problem missing manual selections been fixed.
    2. Has the problem rejecting more than one selection been fixed?
    3. Do you still have to reprogram the SD card to change from random to manual mode?
    4. Is it still necessary to separate the negative speaker connections if using the class AB mode?
    5. I assume there’s still no Bluetooth transmitter?

    On version 2, what does the smart phone connection allow you to do?


    I’ll let Gaëlle or Fabien answer most of the questions, they have made the test.

    I do have a 1.5 but for a Packard, it’s a special made. So different.

    Don’t know what’s different between the 1.4 and 1.3

    Questions :

    2. Has the problem rejecting more than one selection been fixed?
    Never had this problem.

    3. Do you still have to reprogram the SD card to change from random to manual mode?
    Yes and No, you only need to change a number on the file name, like previous version.

    4. Is it still necessary to separate the negative speaker connections if using the class AB mode?
    That’s what written in the manual, you can check it. Don’t norm the norm.

    5. I assume there’s still no Bluetooth transmitter?
    No bluetooth transmitter , no one says there will be one. Did I miss something ?



    Fairly sure a few have mentioned about  Bluetooth transmission, that it could be something that could/ should have been worth considering, while the unit was in development.

    Lets hope that the problems that the earlier unit suffered with have been eradicated in testing before it is released for sale.

    Have to ask though what happened to the pretty cover?

    Cheers Scudie


    hello everybody,

    for Sooner

    1. Has the problem missing manual selections been fixed.

    we have not had any specific request / feedback on this problem, can you detail? Fabien has worked on the program in general and added improvements on operation in general

    2. Has the problem rejecting more than one selection been fixed?

    We have worked a lot on the rejection button problem and have improved things !

    3. Do you still have to reprogram the SD card to change from random to manual mode?

    Changes are planned for V2, for now it’s the same use as for v1.4

    4. Is it still necessary to separate the negative speaker connections if using the class AB mode?

    I will let Fabien answer this question 🙂

    5. I assume there’s still no Bluetooth transmitter?

    No there is not for this version

    On version 2, what does the smart phone connection allow you to do?

    We are not yet fixed on the use of a smartphone application

    For Scudie

    Do you received our mail ? we are surprised to hear no response from you.

    The cover will be reworked for the v2 but we will not produce much v1.5 it’s a limited series since this version allows a technical advance but especially announces the v2 so we have decided to keep it simple so that we can focus on the next

    I hope that I answered your questions, do not hesitate to come and give us your opinion on this new version since at the moment, customers holding v1.5 previously had v1.4. Tell us what you think !


    Hi Gaelle,

    The missing selection problem was discussed on the forum here:

    Missing Selections & Cancel Function

    and briefly here:

    Seeburg 3WA (200) incorrect song selection

    Since then I’ve also noticed that even when random play is off it misses some selections. It seems like it has something to do with how quickly multiple selections  are made but I haven’t tested it it too much as I don’t have the patience.


    Hello Sooner,

    about missing selections,I’m going to check deeper, but for now , not any selection has been missed and the fact that the system now uses 2 microcontrolers gives it now much power to manage everything.But anyway I’ve coded the system to still wait for a new pulse up to 3 seconds after the last pulse is sent ,It was needed for some wallboxes but I can reduce it at 2.1 seconds. For now I’ve tried to do 6 selections in “always play” mode and to reject them one by one,it worked perfectly

    About Reject : I’ve changed the way it’s managed and It seems that it works now like a charm,but once more,I continue my tests

    Concerning question 4, a wallbox is currently in test since about 24 hours;it’s in “always play” class AB mode and both speakers’ GND are wired to the same minus . After 24hours the sound amplifier isn’t even hot and that’s an excellent news ! Now I try the same test but with an mp3 file dedicated to generate a huge difference in sound level between left / right speakers  , if it pass this test,I’ll be able to ensure that it will work with all stereo wallboxes without any soldering to do to separate both GND 🙂

    the smartphone will give you an alternative way to change the system’s configuration (change wallbox type,mute sound,manage sound volume ,manage random music play,reject/change selections ) ;




    Hi Fabien

    When I start to read your last post part of your answer is obscured by a a picture of a a wallbox2mp3 & logo.!

    Have you physically connected the new V1.5 to a Wallbox  for testing purposes ? if so which make and models have been used for this purpose?

    When tested with an SD card configured for random selections did the V1.5 play the songs that had been selected without any conflict of random unselected songs?



    • This reply was modified 5 months, 2 weeks ago by scudie.

    Ok,I’ve now tested and fixed everything. Actually there is dozens of posts concerning the same troubles and questions about everywhere in the forum.

    So I’m going to update the news to do a complete sum up of bug fixes, released available and upgrades history.

    Here is a sum up of WB2mp3 history , bug fixes,wallbox currently available,new features,what is going to happen in 2020 etc…

    Old released :

    – The V1.2 was the first one to be sold

    – The V1.3 was compliant with more wallbox

    – The V1.4 had the remote pot connector

    Current released :

    – The V1.4Bis has exactly the same hardware as the V1.4 but with some new features and bug fixes :

    * Random musics now play smoothly and don’t interferate any more with selections.   Moreover, as soon as the wallbox sends a signal to the WB2mp3, no more random music can be launched.

    * The reject button is better managed

    * The signal is now read a fastest way

    * The software parasite’s filter can now be adjusted with a .fil file( by default a signal of less than 7 ms is considered as a parasite one, but if the wallbox’s contacts are dirty , if a capacitor has been placed inside the wallbox or if the keyboard is defective,the wallbox could generate some bigger parasites ) ; for example if you want to consider all signals shorter than 15ms as parasites, just place at the root of your SDcard 15.fil , shorter than 9ms : 09.fil

    * It’s now possible to shift selections as you want, so if your wallbox has been modified or generates some parasites ,you can fix it without having to dismount it. For example I have a seeburg 3W100 with a defective keyboard and dirty contacts and so it was playing selection C2 when I selected A1 , and so on . Actually it was playing MySelection+21 . It’s now possible to fix that a software way by placing at the root of the SDcard a simple .sel file. In my case,I’ve placed M21.sel (M for minus,P for Plus ) , it now plays MySelection+21-21=MySelection; so even if it’s defective,it now works like a charm without having to repair it 🙂


    The V1.5 :

    * all upgrades included in the V1.4Bis

    * Digital sound to avoid any loss in sound quality

    * Digital remote pot to avoid any loss in sound quality

    * More filters for a much better sound quality

    * A stronger audio amp with class AB mode for an (almost) perfect sound

    * Stereo wallbox can now be directly wired to the WB2mp3 even with a common     ground ( in class AB mode only ! )

    * the reject button’s hardware has been changed to work the best possible way .

    Future released :

    The V2.0 :

    * It will support a screen to show selection done,artist and music played

    * It will support a smartphone connection to show selection done,artist and music played; also to reject a selection, place a new one , change wallbox type ,random music mode,adjust sel shifting,filter ,etc…

    I also plan in debug mode to help repair a faulty wallbox by giving the hability to show on the screen/smartphone the signal sent / received .

    About commercial approach : 

    Actually I know that during two long years I’ve just stop responding to this forum and also to mails. When my historical partner has left the project,I was completely lost and continued to sell them but without any support. With the help of Gaëlle that has decided to handle the project ,it reborned. Also owing to my customers that have continued to buy the system even with the lack of support,I’ve been able to finance this new development. Moreover,I have to place here a special thanks to Scudie,Claatu,sooner and much others  for having always helped us to maintain the forum,test new released,etc…

    So we’ve decided now that everything is fixed and the support is efficient a, to launch an attractive offer for returning customer

    Unfortunately we’re going to run out of stock of the V1.5 and I don’t think that we’re going to produce some more as the schematics of the V2.0 are ready and the proto is in production. I think so that the V2.0 will be available in March.

    But as soon as we’ll receive the V2.0 we’ll launch the returning customers program.

    It’ very simple , everyone that has previously bought A WB2mp3 (V1.4 but even a V1.3 or a V1.2 5 years ago) will be concerned . We’ll just need a proof of buying ( paypal payment number for example or invoice number ) . Then we’ll let the choice between a free exchange (only shipping costs will have to be paid) or a big discount on a new order and the customer keeps his previous WB2mp3 . This offer is going to be available until January 1st 2021 .

    For now we finish our tiny stock of V1.5 , update  our stock of V1.4 to V1.4Bis;

    V1.4Bis are going to be sold at a discount price to finish our stocks BUT won’t be exchanged for another one or give a right to a discount on a future released.

    The V1.5 also won’t be concerned by the return program .

    In march , the V2.0 will be available for sale and at the same time, we’ll launch the returning customers program.

    We should also be at Rosmalen in May , keep it in mind if you’d like a free exchange without any shipping cost 🙂 or to test in live the new V2.0



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    When I purchased my first V1.4 you mailed me offering the new v2 for less than 50 euro or a straight swap for my v1.4 when its released, does this still apply to v1.4 and the new v2 when its released, if it does apply how do I get the offer?


    Sorry meant to say does the reduced price or exchange apply to v1.5 & v2 when released.

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