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      j’ai installé la wallbox2mp3 v 1.5 sur un Rockola 507 , tout fonctionne très bien, seul le potentiomètre du volume sur la carte et externe n’ aucun effet sur le volume sonore.


      Autre remarque ( que j’ai pas trouvé dans vos doc) , il faut relier la borne Audio Control Relay à la masse ( chassis) pour que le son sorte, sinon on a le son uniquement pendant la sélection.



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      Good morning Chris65

      Do you have anything plugged into the mini audio jack ?

      If you have try removing it , also how have you configured the dip switch ‘s from memory I think switch 2 should be set to on position for the onboard volume pot to work.

      There is a bit in the manual about the dip switches.

      Cheers  Scudie

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      Dear Scudie

      I don’t have anythings plugged in the audio jack.

      I tried every combination of dip switch and the result is the same with the both pots, the sound volume is the same.


      Regards Christophe.

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      Hi again Christophe.

      I had a thought earlier about your problem, is your V1.5 located close to the 25Vac transftransformer?

      In another post it would appear that the transformer was the cause of volume control issues in another Rockola 507 http://www.wallbox2mp3.com/forums/topic/probleme-de-volume-avec-rock-ola-507/

      Cheers Scudie.

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      Good afternoon Christophe.

      Sorry about the delay in my response, have been away for the weekend.

      Can’t think of anything else to suggest to you re your volume adjustment problem, I guess you have tried turning off the power changing the dip switch positions then power back on?

      Also I have read in a post in General Discussion started by Gilles about volume control problems, and  that the crystal on the V1.5 is very sensitive and if touched by accident that this can cause issues with sound. I am unsure how this is resolved as the post is in French and my French is very poor. It may be worth you having a read through it.

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