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    I found this YouTube channel while browsing for wallbox2mp3 videos.  There’s one video showing a “pick and place” machine making up the PCBs,  although they don’t look like the current boards. I had assumed these were all made in China but it looks like they’re assembled in France? Does anyone know whose channel this is?



    Good morning Steve

    I had assumed that the video was done by either Fabien or his ex partner.

    Have you seen that there is a couple of photos  of  wb2mp3 being built at the bottom of the News section on here scroll down to the end past the photos of Wallbox’s

    one of the photos shows a pick & place machine the other a cnc making covers.

    Cheers Paul



    I confirm that X3810 is Fabien’s ex partner.
    And the last I read about him, was that he wasn’t going to work again with Fabien.

    Initial production was made in France. And then Fabien decided to produce it in China and modified board. And that’s where the problem begin, according to X3810.



    Hi Klaatu

    I am fairly sure that Fabien had told me that his partner had left so that he could concentrate on repairing both Jukebox’s and Wallbox’s which were his first love.

    He also told me that the problem with the optocoupler had only happened since moving the production of the wb2mp3 emulators out to China.

    Cheers Scudie

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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