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User manuals :

Compatibility list  – Upgraded to V1.3 13/10/2016

Wallbox2mp3 user manual  – Upgraded to V1.5 23/10/2020 ROWE-AMI WRA WRB WRC wiring

                   translated in french and german

Wallbox2mp3 user manual  v1.3

DEC2mp3 v1.5 for seeburg DEC user manual

DEC2mp3 v1.4 for seeburg DEC user manual

Packard2mp3 v1.5 for packard PLA-MOR user manual

Packard2mp3 v1.4 for packard PLA-MOR user manual

Packard2mp3 for Buckley Music Box installation manual

DEC2mp3 for seeburg DEC wiring & installation manual

Melotone Wiring diagram

Wallbox repairs , maintenance and specific installation tutorials :

Step by step how to integrate a wallbox2mp3 inside a Seeburg 3W1

AMI W-120 tutorial : Step by step how to integrate a wallbox2mp3 inside an AMI W-120 wallbox and to turn it into a standalone jukebox. moreover you’ll discover how to clean the main contacts , how to turn your AMI into free credits… A huge tutorial by Sylvain Routhier

Other Tutorials and useful manuals :

All manuals are free to download. We’re always looking for new documents/manuals about wallbox / Jukebox from all brands (but especially wurlitzer and rock ola), all models,all kinds. If you have some, please contact us !

Manuals from Seeburg :

Seeburg consolette type SC1 manual

Seeburg DEC Digital Electronic Consolette,type DEC110 & DEC 125 parts catalog

Seeburg SCH1-4 SCH3-4 Wiring scheme

Seeburg wall-o-matic type 3W1 wallbox Installation & Operation manual

Seeburg wallbox wall-o-matic 200 160 et 100 types S-3WU , D-3WU et HD-3WU , etc…

Seeburg Wallbox combo almost all manuals combined ,including DEC family ,3WA wall-o-matic consolette family ,  3WU family ,  SC1 , 3W1 family, coin comparitors , the wired remote control system , etc…


Manuals froms Wurlitzer :

Wurlitzer 3020 Service instructions and parts catalog including wallbox model 3020 , impulse stepper model 219 ,impulse transmitter model 215 , impulse receiver model 216,

Wurlitzer 5250

Wurlitzer 5220

Wurlitzer 5210

Manuals from Rock-Ola :

Rock-Ola 1544 – 1546

Rock-Ola 1544 – 1546 (Service Manual extended)

Rock-Ola 1555

Rock-Ola 1564 – 1558

Rock-Ola 500 – 501

Rock-Ola 500 – 501 – 503 – 504

Rock-Ola TRI-VUE 506

Rock-Ola TRI-VUE 507

Rock-ola 507 wallbox schematics

Rock-Ola 507 Almost complete wiring scheme in a single file/view

Manuals from Rowe Ami :

Ami WQ 200


Solotone :

Solotone coin operated entertainment system patent descriptions and schematics