Maybe you've never heard about this project and so you may ask what is the wallbox2mp3?

Basically, it's a tool that turns your jukebox Wallbox into a standalone jukebox.

Actually it's an mp3 player that emulate any jukebox. It will decode any wallbox signal and play the wallbox selection.

So it will offer a second life to your standalone jukebox wallbox. It will works with consolettes of all brands including wurlitzer, Seeburg, Rock Ola, Rowe Ami, etc… but also the most rare and oldest systems just as Solotone, Melodylane, packard pla mor, etc…

Wallbox2mp3 features:

  • The biggest compatibility list ever (if your jukebox wallbox isn't in our compatibility list, just contact us and we'll adapt it)
  • A built in mp3 decoder, the wallbox2mp3 doesn't need some extra peripherals like ipod
  • A built in audio amplifier
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