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      Latest project – I wanted that 40s-50s bar or diner counter look with multiple boxes so I went with the Seeburg 3W2-L56s because they are small and cheap.

      I got these 4 for an average of $130 shipped.

      These four boxes are all daisy chained into one WB2MP3 V1.4 emulator.  The 3W2s are 20 selection boxes but you can cover alternate tabs on the wiper plate to send out signals for selections 1-20 or 21-40 on the emulator. Two of these boxes have the first 20 songs listed and the other two have 21-40.

      The speakers inside the napkin dispensers at either end of the bar.  Three of the boxes are standard nickel machines and the forth was modified to only accept dimes.  The emulator and 24v transformer are behind the wall and I have remoted the volume and song reject to a drawer behind the bar.

      The wallbox mounting plates are Wurltizer, they were what were available, and they look pretty cool.  I have attached them to pieces of wood then was able to mount them under the lip of the bar on the back side.  These boxes were manufactured from 1946-48 so I put music from that period on the emulator.


      Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaBebfEyZH4


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      Hi Randy

      Like that set up pal looks like that’s kept you busy for a while!

      A pal of mine is talking of building himself a bar area he will be most impressed with what you have achieved.

      My wife was very interested in the Menu on the door👍

      Cheers Scudie

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