Compatibility with AMI 40 selections ???

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    Manual says compatible with AMI W40, but doesn’t show this photo :

    So is it compatible ?

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    Hi Klaatu

    As you say it’s on the list, so in theory it should be compatible,

    I notice that they are selling through eBay again it may be a idea to message them through the contact the seller option? In my opinion you should have a better chance of a response this way.

    Is the AMI 40 your’s?

    Cheers Scudie



    Hi Scudie,

    I’m looking for one.
    Yes, I’ll contact them in direct.



    Good luck in finding one, I can’t say I have ever seen one before, would it be a 1940’s?

    Perhaps while you are messaging them about the compatibility you could ask if they are any closer to eradicating the background noise?

    Cheers Scudie

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    romain gardes

    Hello Scudie!
    We tried to reproduce this noise, but we did not succeed.

    We will try to change the power supply (American) to try to see if it is not that which will generate this noise.
    -Otherwise we will try to filter this problem by adding capacitors.

    -We will also try to change the amplifier with a more stable faultless power supply and possibly put a shield.
    We will be back soon with more answers once we have prototyped a new version !

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