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      This procedure is for PC owner under Windows.

      Download Wallbox2mp3 V1.3 software ( jar exec ) available in the folder SOFTWARE on this website.

      Download WinRAR free trial (from any reliable source) and install it.

      Go to the folder where you have downloaded the java file.
      Right click on it and choose OPEN WITH WinRAR

      And you’ll be able to see png files. These image files are the title-strips.

      For example choose “Elvis-purple.png” and extract it to your computer.
      Open it with any image software : Photoshop, Paint…

      Make your own color, design, choose what you like.
      And save this file with same name and same extension.

      Now upload this modified png file to the same place using WinRAR, or drag and drop in opened WinRAR window.

      Now open the java file “wallbox2mp3” by double clicking on it.
      And when you’ll go to “Print Strip Titles for my playlist”, scroll down and you’ll see your own strip !

      Nice, isn’t it ?

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      Will have another look at this tonight,  thanks for the information Klaatu.

      Cheers Scudie

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      Thanks for the tip! I was hoping to do a few of the black and white pictures of the artist, so this will work great!

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