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    After getting a chance to play with mine some more. here’s what I’ve noticed:

    WITHOUT RANDOM SELECTIONS: It works fine selecting multiple songs. I’ve tried up to 9 at once and it works well. However, if the cancel button is used it usually cancels more than one selection.

    WITH RANDOM SELECTIONS: This function doesn’t work well at all. It always gets the first one but has problems after that. No matter how many are selected it seems only as many as 2 are played and usually with a random one in between. I’ve only tested with the “always” playing random songs and not the other options (30 seconds, etc).

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if they’re trying to do anything to fix it?


    In French:

    Après avoir eu la chance de jouer un peu plus avec le mien. voici ce que j’ai remarqué:

    SANS SÉLECTION ALÉATOIRE: Cela fonctionne très bien lorsque vous sélectionnez plusieurs chansons. J’ai essayé jusqu’à 9 à la fois et cela fonctionne bien. Toutefois, si le bouton Annuler est utilisé, il annule généralement plusieurs sélections.

    AVEC SÉLECTIONS ALÉATOIRES: Cette fonction ne fonctionne pas bien du tout. Il reçoit toujours le premier mais a ensuite des problèmes. Peu importe le nombre sélectionné, il semble que seulement 2 soient joués et généralement avec un aléatoire entre les deux. J’ai seulement testé avec “toujours” la lecture de chansons aléatoires et non avec les autres options (30 secondes, etc.).

    Je me demandais si quelqu’un d’autre avait remarqué cela et s’ils essayaient de faire quelque chose pour le réparer?



    Hi Sooner

    I have always found that by introducing the random selection option that the reliability of wb2mp3 unit is compromised.

    The first wallbox I converted using the wb2mp3 system had an sd card configured to play a random track after 15 or 20 or so, it would some times play a random song as soon as it was powered up & would play another random track every 15 to 20 minute no matter if any manual selections had been made.

    Since then I have not configured SD cards for random selections of any time.

    I have also had mixed results with the cancel button, I have one that cancels all  selections no matter how many selections had been made.  And this one is manual selection only.

    Cheers Scudie

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    romain gardes

    Hello everyone !
    This problem may be due to the anti-rebound capacitor that is used for the reject button.
    We will take it into account for the prototyping of a new version!

    Kind regards Romain

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