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    I have just completed my Seeburg 3W1 conversion and although its a bit Heath Robinson I think it looks ok.

    I wanted to still be able to use the coin acceptor so made a box to go under the wallbox.
    I made it out of some chipboard and a strip of stainless steel cut from an old splashback.

    Had issues with cutting some of the holes as you can see from the pictures, I positioned the emulator so I could easily insert and remove the sd card, the earphone plug and adjust the volume, also cut a hole in the bottom to give access to the volume switch.

    I cracked open the 5 volt  emulator power supply, removed the circuit board and put it in the box along with the 24 volt transformer, these can be bought cheaply on eBay if you don’t want to butcher the adaptor that came with the emulator.

    I added a reject button and wired a free play button to the coin switch, also added a USB port to the back in case I want to use a bluetooth speaker, you can buy a USB Bluetooth transmitter/receiver for around £3 on eBay that stay set to transmit mode after being power down (some default to receive mode after power loss)

    Initially I had it directly wired to the wallbox and permanently fixed to the base but it was awkward to remove the wallbox cover without damaging the wiring so I have now used velcro to stick it to the bottom and added a  connector so I can remove it easily.

    I needed 5 wires to connect it, two for the 24v, two for the coin switch and one for the signal, (probably could have used 4 wires as one leg of the coin switch goes to the power anyway).
    I used part of an old PC motherboard power connector but I am sure there are other connector I could have used.

    I used two retro napkin holders for the speakers.

    It all works fairly well apart from now and then it selects the wrong song, may be a power issue but not sure.

    Hope this helps anyone thinking of doing similar.



    Nice. Love the speakers!



    Cool idea using the napkin dispensers for speakers, what speakers did you put inside them?

    Are the speaker grills cloth or metal?

    Cheers Scudie



    The speakers are 4 ohm 3 watt 65mm speaker, they came from some of the none working job lot of dab radios I purchased at auction, glad I kept them, I padded the inside walls with some thin foam and the front material is from he radio.
    The napkin holders are cheap to buy but a little flimsy when you remove the chrome front, ok when reassembled though.

    I am now waiting for a Seeburg 3WA to be delivered, not sure if I will fit the emulator & transformer underneath this time, I might look at fitting behind the wallbox as I still want the coin mech to work.



    Lovely conversion. I see more and more napkin dispenser converted to speaker box.



    I had not seen it done before, I thought it clever and in keeping with the theme.

    I may give them a try one day, although I have still got to get round to sorting the AMI WQ 200, & my home made drive in speakers,  plus I have another SC1 on the bench testing out the led’s.  Still not found a cover for it, any one got a complete spare cover they don’t require?

    Cheers Scudie



    I’m curious why black speaker cloth instead of white.



    Hi Sooner

    This is only a guess but as he said that the front material was from a radio,  a bit like me just using what he’s got to hand.

    I think they look great & think they look really cool, I had a look last night they are available in all sorts of colours and diner themed.👍

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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