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      Hi Gaëlle

      I was wondering if there were any news/ updates on the new improved version of the wb2mp3 unit?

      Cheers Scudie

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      Hi Scudie,

      the prototypes of the new version are at home, we weld, we code, we try, we advance 🙂

      there will be changes:

      – corrections concerning the tracks of his left

      – change concerning the potentiometer which will be numerical

      – there will be an LCD screen

      – and a possibility of bluetooth application (which will be able to be developed in the version according to).

      An update of our software also with the possibility of setting up an independent directory for a reading of titles when the wallbox will be in random (much more possibilities than only the titles of the selection).

      The wallbox2mp3 card has been completely redesign, still a little patience, we hope to present it before Christmas 🙂

      we will offer a standard exchange of any version of wallbox2mp3 against this one or a discount for people who want to keep their old wallbox2mp3

      have a nice day

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      Could you provide instructions for the exchange? RMA needed? Shipping address.

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      It’s good to hear that progress is being made, I see you say that there will be an lcd screen with the new card, would this be optional to fit or will it be a requirement for the card to function?

      Thanks Scudie

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      for the exchange, we will ask users to send us back their wallbox2mp3 with their name/address and then, when we will receive it, we will send the new one.

      for the LCD screen, it’ll be optional

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      Will you be emailing past customers when the new version is ready?

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      Any more info on the updated board? I just got mine installed and having issues with volume pot controlling balance. Thanks!

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