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      Michael Clawson

      I have had a Rockola 507 for a few decades. It is fully coin-operated and functional. I will never get it hooked up to my Rockola 448 Jukebox so I decided to install the Wallbox2MP3. The photos show my hookup drawing,

      bench test

      and final position in my booth. (still have to hang the speakers)  Arrows show the control box and power box.

      I was happy that everything went as planned with the wiring and MP3 software (SDHC Card). The 507 Wallbox selects tunes perfectly. Had to cross wire the remote volume pot so that it would increase clockwise and decrease counter-clockwise. Properly phasing the speakers helps a lot. Thanks for creating and making this wonderful emulator. It has brought my wallbox to life again. Makes me want to do another.

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      I have a Seeburg 3WA 200 that I found in my dad’s garage 30 years ago that I finally got hooked up to Wallbox2Mp3.  So cool to be able to finally do something nice with this… and it doesn’t require modifications to the wall box,  so it’s still collectable.  Such a nice conversation piece.

      Of course I couldn’t stop there.  I got my hands on a Seeburg SC1 160 and refurbished that one.  Came out so nice. Stop there? Of course not.  Just got my hands on 2 Rowe/AMI WRC-200 units,  both of them also now refurbished, ready for the Wallbox2Mp3 units.  Fortunately,  you get a good discount if you purchase in bulk.

      I get the “I’m thinking of doing another” mentality.

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      Nice booth setup Michael, good to see another wallbox up and making music whether connected to a juke or not.


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      Hi Michael

      It certainly looks the part with your diner booth set up. It’s good to hear that it all went to plan & that your happy with the end result, now you can either sit back and enjoy the music or start planning your next project.

      Cheers Scudie

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