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      There has been much discussion on difficulties with SD cards and I experienced some recently.

      I am working on my first Melody Lane/Solotone project now and ran into an issue with the SD card.

      This application is a little different than the others as it does not require a CNF file to work.  There is no song selection on the Solotone/Melody Lane boxes, you just receive a selection of random songs for 5 or 10 cent coins.

      So when I tried to format an SD card for my Melody Lane I got the 2 flash loop for failure to initialize the SD card.

      I tried several different 16GB cards from a box I had that worked for V1.4/V1.5 WB2MP3 and DEC and Packard/Buckley emulators but they did not work in the Solotone emulator.

      So I tried other cards of 32, 128 and 16 GB and still got the 2 flash error message.

      Initially Bad Cards:

      I sent an email to Retroelectronic to express my concerns and then found an old 512mg card and tried it – it worked.

      Then Retroelectronic sent me a 4GB card to try establish a baseline for SD cards.

      When it arrived I tried it in all of my emulators and it worked in all of them – V1.4/1.5 WB2MP3, V1.5 DEC, Packard/Buckley and Solotone/Melody Lane.

      I then went back and re-tried the original SD cards that had produced the 2 flash loop and they still failed.  So I tried reformatting, the Windows Quick Format did no good but when I did the full format they finally worked.

      So in the final analysis I doubt that the emulators fail often because of SD cards, rather it is a card compatibility issue or a formatting issue.

      The 4GB card Retroelectronic sent me that worked in all emulators:

      I’ll post my work on the Melody Lane as soon as I get a few kinks worked out, it is a pretty cool wallbox.








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