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      Print on glossy photo paper for best resultsSC Strips

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      Hi Randy

      Guessing your doing a Seeburg SC now then?

      What sound track is this going to feature?

      Did you get your Wurlitzer 5220 working correctly and hanging on a.wall yet?

      I was really glad that you offered help regarding the incorrect tracks being played with the Packard wallbox, as I have had no experience  with them.

      I  am not entirely surprised that you have had no response to your suggestions /questions, although some do  respond quickly,  others  wil ask a question then don’t check the forum for a week or two, presumably they think there question won’t be responded to so promptly.

      Hopefully they will be able to work out what the problem is and take the time to post a reply.

      Cheers Scudie

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      Hey Scudie, yes I’m working on an SC now, got the 5220 done (I posted some shots of it).  Think I will go with country music on the SC.

      First though I’m trying one a little different, I’ll post it up soon.




Viewing 2 reply threads
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