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      First of all I am not an electrician qulified or any other kind.

      Most of the users of this forum will be conversant with this, but it may help someone in the future.

      Recently a member of the forum posted a post that referred to the installation of a wallbox2mp3 unit in a Rockola 507.

      It became clear later that one of the problems that he was having was down to the fact that his transformer had been incorrectly connected, & was not producing

      25 V AC.

      Originally wallbox’s were connected to a Jukebox which in most cases had a transformer that dropped the voltage down from the mains supply to 25 V AC

      When using a wallbox independently it is necessary to supply it with a 25v AC power source, many of the transformers that I have used have six wires for the three windings one pair for the primary winding (mains supply) and two other pairs for the two secondary windings.

      If the two secondary windings are wired in parallel you will get half the voltage of what you would get if you were to connect the two secondary windings in series.

      It is important to read & understand the infomation for the transformer you are using before making any electrical connections.

      Cheers Scudie

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      I found this model TR100VA001 from Functional Devices. Works great. Built in breaker.  There is also a TR100VA001US (same model) but made in the USA.

      It has only 4 wires. AC Common and AC Common. Color coded. The white on yellow is going to be hard to see for some on the wires but otherwise solid voltage at 25v constant.

      That supply should be good for at least what, 3-4 wallboxes?

      I found that if the coin holder tray beneath the coin box is bent a little to accomodate it that it fits inside the SC-1 Very snugly. Once it’s in it’s going to be in there like swimwear. $27.45 on Amazon w/Prime.

      I was just going to run 24vac to the box but I guess 110 it is, because I think that power supply is not wanting to come out, seriously. I was going to remove it to add some VHB tape for a permanent (unless you are really really very determined) Install.  I think I will do an EMI filter IEC socket and call it a day.






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      I  like the feature of the trip on the unit, that should save the transformer in the event of a dead short.

      Had a look at there website myself, unfortunately either they don’t do a transformer for 240v or I couldn’t find it , which is a shame as I fancied the idea of connecting a few wallbox’s together with the one power source.

      Cheers Scudie

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      thank you scudie for this post, it could help !!

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