We close the shop

Good morning all

Our workshop and our house burned down that night. We are doing what is necessary to close the sales of all our products, the responses to emails will be complicated, we will get back to you as soon as possible

Maintenance scheduled this week end

The website will be in maintenance this week end (13 and 14 february).
We are working on a new shop, you can see a new menu "My account", don't hesitate to tell us if you see any trouble ! contact@wallbox2mp".com

Temporary suspension of sales of wallbox2mp3

We are suspending sales of wallbox2mp3 following several product returns to find out where the problem comes from and to do more investigations. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused, do not hesitate to contact us in case of problem contact@wallbox2mp3.com

New version v1.5

That’s it, a new version is available, v1.5 !!

The new V1.5 wallbox2mp3 released manages the sound a completely new way ; The sound is now digitally managed until it arrives to its amp / jack output ,so it’s fully protected against Electromagnetic Interference ,it’s also protected by much more audio filters. The sound doesn’t go any more throughout the remote pot ribbon but has been replaced by a simple current , so you can use a very long remote pot cable ( up to 150 inches,more than 400 inches using an higher wire gauge ) without any consequence on sound quality.

Moreover the sound amplifier is much more powerfull and can act as a class D ( better efficiency ) or a class AB ( to sum up better sound quality ) audio amplifier

While waiting for our v2 which should be released in the coming months… ..