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    I live in the United States, ya not so GREAT!. Issue I have is I would like a couple more units, but I don’t want to wait a month again before they arrive. Is there a faster shipment method than ‘snail mail’?

    If there isn’t I would like to ship some units for you from here. Is that an option. I would send regular mail and such or FedEx or UPS. Let me know!


    So does the people that own/run not frequent this forum? Just checking.


    Good Morning MarkCorki

    Sometimes the owners of the Wallbox2mp3 do appear on here, from time to time to answer/ ask questions,  if you want to contact them I would try emailing them, as it may  be a while befor any of them answer your question, on the other hand you could get a response soon.

    Cheers Scudie


    Did you realize that Covid-19 still greatly impact Postal service worldwide ?
    I ordered a record from the USA on May 2nd, received it on June 13th. More than 1 month.

    “Snail Mail” doesn’t exist in french postal service 😉


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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