For Rock around the Jukebox in Rosmalen

A product finally ready, a production to launch quickly, we are finally in the phase or we need to know. Our first show is choice, the famous Rock around the Jukebox to Rosemalen in the Netherlands which is certainly the largest exhibition in Europe in this area.

We have only very few products for sale (depending on the progress of our production during these next two days), but we can do inventory of ten wallbox working as on the first day 🙂 with their assorted titlestrips.

We cross our fingers that the Dutch we should welcome.

So here, as always we are late, but all our machines heat (because Yes, we have a small production workshop and map is entirely made in France).

CNC (digital milling for connoisseurs) prepares the covers (protection polycarbonate above the PCB), in this case the cover of a Wallbox2mp3 model consolette Seeburg DEC:


And our little Chinese, valiant machine placement of components on the surface (pick and place for respondents) working at sunset, also producing the Seeburg DEC electronic cards:

pick_and_place seeburg DEC
















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