Re-sale of Wallbox2mp3 v1.5

We are happy to be able to our product back on sale after finding and fixing the problem !!

Temporary suspension of sales of wallbox2mp3

We are suspending sales of wallbox2mp3 following several product returns to find out where the problem comes from and to do more investigations. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused, do not hesitate to contact us in case of problem

We'll be in Rosemalen on October 9-10 and 11 2020

Due to the health crisis, the May 2020 edition did not take place, we will finally be in Rosemalen on October 9-10 and 11, 2020! Don't hesitate to come and see us !!!


The PACKARD2MP3 is now available in V1.5


The DEC2MP3 is now available in V1.5

Translation of our manual into German

Thank you so much Robert for your translation, we have now our user's manual in german here

Price cut of the wallbox2mp3 v1.4

The price of the wallbox2mp3 V1.4 change,
be careful, those bought in promotion will not be part of our
exchange program against v2


that's it! all the pre-orders were sent this morning, the v1.5 are now in stock!

New version of software and documentation

A new version of sotware and documentation are available

Thank you so much to Michiel, Scudie, Klaatu and Mike which contribute voluntarily to the software and the product, for translations, tests, the forum and suggestions.

We are also adding a German translation, thank you so much to Robert Lücking!

Reception of v1.5 and prototypes of v2

that's it, our wallbox2mp3 v1.5 and prototypes of V2 have (finally) arrived !! Still be patient just a little bit 😉, we need to do the assembly and test them but they will soon be available again!

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