The wallbox2mp3 systems all come with a convenient simple and free software.

This software will not only configure your wallbox2mp3 hardware throughout the SD card in a couple of minutes  but it’ll also generate customized titlestrips prefilled with artist and song name by retreiving these informations from mp3 IDTag automatically. So you’ll be able to gain hours of works and maybe a complete day doing such a thing manually.

The wallbox2mp3 software is obviously dedicated to wallbox2mp3 systems but even if you don’t plan to buy it from us , you may find it usefull just to generate your titlestrips .

The software allows you to generate both 78rpm and 45rpm titlestrips .

It doesn’t need any installer,just click on the jar file to launch it. You can also place it in a removable media and keep it in a usb key for exemple. Written in JAVA , you can launch it on any window ( from XP to window 10 ) , but also on Mac and linux.You’ll just need to have Java on your computer.

 Download  the software Wallbox2mp3 V1.5 Software Version compliant Mac et Linux  – wallbox2mp3 v1.4bis, v1.5 – neew titlestrips  (update 04/06/2020)

V1.5 software documentation in english, french, netherlands and german

 Download  the software Wallbox2mp3 V1.4 Software Version compliant Mac et Linux (27/12/2018) – wallbox2mp3 v1.2, v1.3, v1.4

If you’d need java, just go to the official website here

Up to now,the software is only available in English but we’re currently working on a multilingual version. Please just be patient. We’re also going to finish the user manual but the soft is quite simple.

How does it work in practice?

– To ensure that your wallbox properly index your selections, we chose to format the name of mp3 files read by wallbox2mp3 and its derivatives (packard2mp3, dec2mp3 the Melotone being excluded because it does not work term selections but timer). Thus, the first selection will be called sel001.mp3 the second sel002.mp3, etc …) .Make this work manually rename each file would be extremely tedious and could take hours, which is why, originally we decided to create the program.

– We also wanted you to have the option if you want to make a music randomly starts at a regular interval chosen by you.

– In the case of wallbox2mp3, we also needed to know how wallbox should interpret the signals to never be wrong.

To pass these two contests, we thought the wallbox2mp3 should require the SD card containing further selections a configuration file (this file is optional in the case of packard2mp3, the DEC2mp3, and Melotone. S it is absent, these versions will know anyway what signal decode and consider that the user does not want a random music is played in the absence of selection).

All these tasks can be complex and time consuming but are easily automated. The software thus generates them for you and places them in the SD card seamlessly, simply.

Then, as you will generate your titlestrips, the software will do it for you. So you choose the look you want for them. From there, the software looks in your mp3 files if they contain the name of the artist and song title. If this information is there, he joined them in titlestrips. Then it generates a PDF that you can print with quality paper of your choice.

As you can see, all these tasks can be performed manually but would require many hours