Do You know the Dollon music museum ?

Located in France, in the Sarthe, between Paris and Le Mans, near the A11 motorway,
 the museum of mechanical music is a great place to go.


Its goal is to present a collection of musical instruments covering a period from 1800 to the 60's.
Obviously, you will discover an incredible amount of rare mechanisms in perfect condition. 
But even more,it's the framework that will delight you. Indeed, the museum doesn't just give you 
an endless inventory of exceptions mechanisms,but it also places them in the context of the time.
Thus, within the museum, you will enter in a cinema of the 20s fully restored and you'll enjoy a drink 
in a bar of the 30s.

In short, the museum offer you a getaway outside of time.

You will see music boxes, phonographs, etc ....

But you'll also find juboxes and wallboxes

It has notably the famous Scopitone, the 1st Jukebox able to display movies!

We met Mr Corbin, the Director of the museum, while our wallbox2mp3 was in development. Such 
a passionnate couldn't accept that some of its wallbox couldn't play music as he didn't have the
compatible jukebox.
As he is dramaticaly competent, he had associated with our project and helped us to improve
our wallbox2mp3 in many ways.

He has done an excellent tutorial about installing the Wallbox2mp3 in Wurlitzer Fernwhal Box 160 .
This tutorial is available in the support section of our website.

For more information about the museum or if you want to plan your trip, visit the museum's website:

One of the rooms from the museum that we loved (you can see on the wall a Wurlitzer Fernwhal 
Box 160 equipped with our wallbox2mp3) :


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