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      I am currently in the process of acumalating a folder full of MP3 files ready to put on to an SD card for a friend, he has given me a list of song titles, artists that they would like on the SD.

      All of the music I use is from my own personal collection of CDs that I have loaded (ripped) on to my PC & now are in my Windows media player library.

      I am currently missing 15 tracks that are on his list, I was wondering if between us (users of the forum) we could try to help each other out by offering to share MP3 tracks from  there own personal collections?

      Cheers Scudie

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      With an app for your browser, you can convert youtube video to mp3, you should be able to find what you need ?

      Can’t name an app, because they tend to change the way to do it, and some don’t works anymore.


      And not to mention it’s illegal to share mp3…


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      Hi  Klaatu

      Hope you and the family are well and staying safe.

      It had not occurred to me that what I was suggesting would have legal ramifications & do not wish to be the cause of any legal problems for the forum.

      May be it would be best for this post to be removed?


Viewing 2 reply threads
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