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      I had a thought earlier concerning multiple wallbox installations, my thought was wouldn’t it be great if 2 ,3 , or 4 wall box’s could be connected to the same emulator and each wallbox could have a different set of selections ?

      I guess the problem for the emulator would be if you had multiples of the same wall box model like 4 Seeburg 3w1’s for instance, the emulator would not know which of the four 3w1’s had sent the signal, but if each wallbox was connected to a hub that had multiple input ports & if the hub could then send the signal to the emulator that not only identified the wallbox that had been used & also the track information then the correct selection would be played.

      If this was possible you could have 4 different wallbox’s a 3w1 & a 3WA & a WQ200 & a 5250 Wurlitzer they wouldn’t have to be the same as long as the hub could send the appropriate signal to the emulator.

      SD cards are more than capable of holding enough MP3 tracks, for it to be possible for multiple Wallbox’s obviously there would be a cost to all of this but surely it would be cheaper than four separate emulators & given the choice between wifi connectivity or being able to use your phone as a remote control! I know what I would rather have.

      Cheers Scudie


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      Hey Scudie,


      You seem to be “in the know” on this site.  Wondering if you know how Gaelle and Fabien are doing since the fire?

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      Hi Rich,

      They are rebuilding their house, it’s a long way but they are getting there.
      They have incredible power and positive energy to do it all by themselves.

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      Hello Richbooth & Klaatu

      I have had no contact with Fabien & Gaëlle since receiving the awful news about the fire. I am guessing that while they are rebuilding there home they will have no spare time for the website etc.

      I take my hat off to them and applaud their efforts & commitment.

      I hope that one day in the future they are able to carry on with business.

      Regards Scudie


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      Well said.


      Hopefully,  they will check in and see that we are thinking of them.

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      we are very moved to find your messages today !

      we are well and indeed, we did work for the company and to live in another house.

      everything is not finished but we will get there little by little, we are not abandoning the wallbox2mp3 and will come back as soon as possible !

      thank you so much

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