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      A couple of years ago I converted a Seeburg SC1 wallbox for a friend using a V1.4 emulator, before converting the wall box was given a thorough clean with very hot water and detergent & meticulously dried afterwards.

      Once completed the unit played selections correctly providing that no more than 3 or 4 selections were made, which was expected as all of the SC1 box’s  that I had previously done behaved in the same way.

      I recently carried out a modification to our friends SC1 (fitted 2 capacitors and a resistor to the motor) which stops / cleans up interference from the motor, & stops the motor  corrupting the signal to the emulator.

      After the mod was completed it became evident that all was not well with selections being played correctly, thinking it was the recent suppression mod that was the cause of this they were removed however the fault remained.

      After doing a little testing it became apparent that the fault lay in the letter selection push button switches, after stripping the SC1 to gain access to the individual switch contacts & all components cleaned  I reassembled sufficiently to be able to be able to test, all selections proved to test correctly, the suppression mod was reinstated and now the unit is playing correctly ten selections at a time 👍

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      It does not surprise me how dirty these things can get over the years given the environments they were in.

      It does surprise me how bullet proof they are when it comes to cleaning, On some of the older ones I have there are no parts that I don’t submerge in hot water and cleaning solution to get the nicotine/smoke, old lubricant, contact dust residue off. With some of the newer ones the circuit boards, credit units and such are treated a little more gently.

      Glad you got it worked out, my SC1 is still partially re-assembled waiting for me to get around to it.

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      These things really were built to last, so robust almost over engineered!

      Most  of the problems that I have encountered have been down to people altering them so you get fewer credits for your cash or careless storage & handling  or malicious  damage.

      I have only had two instances were there have been parts of the mechanism have required replacement or repair, a Seeburg 3w1 had some broken snap springs on the credit wheel which I guess is something that is going to happen after many years of use.

      I also had a AMI WQ200 with mechanism problems , the latch bars weren’t being actuated enough, after close inspection of the mechanism it was obvious that the fault was due to a worn cam , the cam is made of some kind of metal alloy and is much softer than the steel follower that rubs on it,  the foot of the hard steel  follower is approximately a third of the width of the cam so over the years it had worn a groove in the centre of the cam especially evident on the high points of the cam. So I made the follower wider so it now has a much greater contact surface and now is in contact with the unworn sections of the cam.

      Not sure why they made the cam from such a soft material (cost probably)

      Cheers Scudie




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