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      Hi guys

      Im about to undertake my first wallbox2mp3 conversion of a Packard Pla-Mor Butler wall box.

      As these only have 24 selections, is it possible to have an album as a single selection, and is so will it be possible to skip tracks in the album playlist?

      I’m trying to convert a box in time for Xmas and I want to add a mix of singles and albums

      Many thanks in advance



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      Hi Simong

      I have had no personal experience with that particular wallbox2mp3 unit,  so I could be wrong but I can’t imagine that it would be much different to the V1.3 & V1.4 which I have used.

      So to the first part of your question regarding the possibility of having an Album for one or more selections, yes that is possible, say for instance the album you want to use contains 18 tracks (18 separate  MP3 files  ) you would have to join them together so they become one MP3 file , this can be done quite easily without having to buy or download any special software, try googling Audio joiner, you just upload the files you want,  click join or merge (can’t remember how it’s actually worded) once it’s done it asks you if you wish to download the single MP3 file. It’s very easy if I can do it!

      Once the album is playing it will play all of the tracks in the same order as they were uploaded, you can’t skip a particular track or a group of tracks.

      If you press the cancell switch it will stop playing that particular track and move onto the next selection (if any have been made) or just stop.

      I am fairly sure that Randy has a Packard unit, he may be able to offer you further advice on this subject or correct any errors I may have made.

      Cheers Scudie

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      Manu thanks Scudie

      that makes sense, but as you say, joining the tracks as one long MP3 would rule out being able to skip tracks on that album.

      I was hoping it might be possible to have a folder with the MP3 tracks assigned to a particular playlist number that would then be played sequentially and possibly skipped.

      Not the end of the world if not possible though

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      Hey Simong, unfortunately I do not know of a way to do what you are looking for with the current emulators.  I have the Packard, Solotone, Dec and regular emulators and cannot think of a way to do this.  I would suggest using the option Scudie suggested and just loading the tracks you like on any particular album so you would be less likely to want to skip a track.  You will get less play time but only the songs you like.


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      Thanks guys – appreciate the help 😊👍

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      Like everyone replied, you can’t skip track on a single file.
      1 selection on wallbox = 1 file

      Also got a Packard with a 1.4 and then with the first 1.5.
      I made mp3 files with a full album for each selection.
      You only have 24 selections, it’s easy to find 24 LP albums that you love, and maybe erase the song you don’t like.

      Show us a photo of your wallbox !

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