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      Hi guys

      I’m considering buying a Seeburg D-3WA wallbox and converting to MP3.

      Please can anyone give any tips on how to enable freeplay on these units ?

      Many thanks 😊

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      Hi Simong_

      Either wire a monetary push switch to one on the coin switches probably best to use the quarter switch, so when pressed it will give 6 credits which will allow 3 selections to be made.

      Or you could register credits using the coin switch then disable the subtract credit solenoid so it will always stay in credit.

      Hope this helps.


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      Thanks Scudie

      I bought the box in the end – I paid over the odds for it, but it’s in almost perfect condition 😁

      So far, everything seems to be working well mechanically and the good news is that it appears to already be configured for free play 😊👍

      Now I just need to find stock of some 1.5 boards to do the conversion



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      Wow that was quick, not sure what over the odds is for a 3wa but if it is in almost perfect condition I would think it’s worth paying that little bit more.

      I have seen restored   re chromed ones advertised in the states for around $1000 plus shipping a tax, & remember when items like this arrive in England you would probably have to pay an import tax & VAT on the total amount inc the shipping charge.

      Chrome plating is very expensive and not guaranteed to turn out well, and I can guarantee you that when it doesn’t it’s very disappointing.

      Can you see how the 3wa has been converted to free play ?

      Enjoy it, any pictures?

      Cheers Scudie


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      Hi Scudie

      I bought from a local UK source 😊

      I paid £500 including next day delivery

      It looks like it’s been owned by an individual since 2004 and has service stamps from that year by a London based Juke Box specialist company as it has service stickers inside from that year.

      The only odd thing with it was that it had been modified with a wire soldered (visible in photo)<span style=”-webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);”> t</span>o prevent the last two title pages being turned and the related buttons had bolts behind them to prevent them being pressed. However, I believe this is normal I’d the unit had been connected to a jukebox with only 160 track selections. I’ve removed the bolts and wire.

      I can’t see any obvious modifications for freeplay.

      Cheers, Simon

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      Nice wallbox that!

      If you take into account that the price you paid included next day delivery I guess that cost the vendor in excess of £60 I don’t think you paid over the odds for it, yes you could have waited and probably bought one for £300 to £350  but it may not have been as pretty as that looks.

      Cheers Scudie



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