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      Hi, I have a problem,

      I was working on finishing the installation of the module in the Rockola 507 wallbox for a friend. (who had ordered it last year) I did a test run before, outside of the wallbox, and it worked perfectly. However when I put the hardware inside, I must’ve done something wrong because my 5V adapter and Wallbox2mp3 device both died. The ERR led is now lit if I power it on, and the device pulls over 1A@5V now instead of the 80mA I measured before when playing music.

      After checking the board I believe the Atmega644PA is fried. (It gets really hot, so that’s where I assume all the current is going). Also with ther ERR led being on, there must be some kind of life still left in there.

      So my question is: Can I get a replacement device? Which I guess is not possible since the store is closed and some googling did not yield any results.

      I really want this thing to work, because I was entrusted with it by my friend. I could try to replace the Atmega644PA, but I don’t have the software for the microcontroller. This is probably asking too much, but could anyone make a dump of that microcontroller? That way I could try to get it fixed.

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      Unfortunately you are probably out of luck.  Their shop and home were destroyed in a fire and I imagine it will be some time before they reopen.  At this point all I can suggest is to go with a competitors product.

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      hello and sorry for the delay of my response,

      don’t hesitate to contact me at contact@wallbox2mp3.com we’ll find a solution !!


      have a nice day

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