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      I received the wallbox2mp3 today and I connected it right away.
      it works.
      I still have 4 questions.

      I can choose titles.
      I didn’t throw any money in, but I can choose.

      I do not know why.
      I didn’t understand that with freeplay.

      I can also choose album.
      So if it were a jukebox then it would play the entire album. But what happens if I don’t have a jukebox but a wallbox2mp3 ?? what needs to be connected differently for album choice?

      I have a question about wallbox2mp3.

      when I connect to the wallbox2mp3 loudspeaker, how much watt and how much ohm power is it allowed to have?

      another question:

      where can I switch between speakers?
      So between loudspeaker directly on wallbox2mp3 and internal speakers of the wallbox?

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      Freeplay means no coin, freeplay=indefinite credit.

      If you can choose selections for Albums, what do you want to change ?

      Regarding speakers, I don’t know max, but I have connected a lot of different one, even speaker from a Teppaz (that are hundreds of ohms from a portable record player from the 50’s with tube amp), and it works.

      To switch from internal to external speakers, you’ll have to be creative and use a switch.


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      For albums you need to create mp3 files with multiple songs instead of a single song. An audio editing program is needed to accomplish that.

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      You could run the external speaker from the mini audio jack, Bluetooth or hard wired   If Bluetooth you may want to be able to isolate the built in speakers (by adding a separate switch or modifying the volume control resistor pack). as it can cause an echo effect because of a slight delay with Bluetooth.

      Cheers Scudie

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      Klaatu & sooner & scudie

      thank you very much.

      ok, I got it.

      the speakers don’t sound good, i will try another speaker.
      and the volume control on the wallbox2mp3 wobbles.
      I think it’s not fast.

      I will test this in peace.
      I didn’t have much time yesterday.

      thank you again.

      Greetings from Germany (95028 Hof)

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