New wallbox soon in our compatibility list

Thanks to Rosemalen salon, we were able to buy new wallbox.We are going to be able to make them work with the wallbox2mp3 .

We  bought :

A Wurlitzer 5207 , produced between 1957 and 1961. This wallbox offers 104 selections. Selections are indexed by page. It was initially working with the Wurlitzer model 1900 Centennial .

Luckily , this Wurlitzer 5207 is complete and very clean,last but not least it works.

The wallbox signal is decoded and will be included in the compatibility list of the V1.2 wallbox2mp3 .
wallbox wurlitzer 5207
Jukebox wallbox wurlitzer 5207


Wurlitzer 3020

La wallbox wurlitzer 3020
La wallbox wurlitzer 3020
A beautiful consolette , complete and in good condition. Signed Rudolph Wurlitzer Co., the 3020 was produced in 1946. Only 24 selections are available.This jukebox wallbox is distinguished from others by the fact that it has a built-in transformer 110V / 24V . It does not require to be supplied with 24V like any other but 110V . Europe will therefore need a 220V / 110V transformer to operate . This small wallbox release will also be decoded and included in the compatibility list of wallbox2mp3 V1.2

4 thoughts on “New wallbox soon in our compatibility list

    • Hello Uhles,
      The wallbox2mp3 is currently not compatible with the Rowe Ami WRA as we’ve not been able to find one to decode its signal. But we’re negociating to buy one and so,I have a good hope that the V1.3 released certainly in september is going to operate well with WRA / WRB / WRC.

  1. Any luck, thus far, with your purchase of the Rowe/AMI WRA-200 Wallette Wall Console and decoding its signal? If not, I may be able to provide you with the pulse train signals in a “print screen” .jpg file. Would this decoding signal information assist you in this process? If so, would you be willing to furnish me with a “Beta” test unit that I could connect to my WRA-200 wallbox and test it for you?
    Also, in the meantime, could you furnish me with the physical dimensions of your product so that I can determine if it will fit in the space inside the wall box where the “coin mechanism” normally resides? I live in the United States and therefore would need a 110vac power adapter to furnish power to your wallbox2mp3 unit.

    • Everything works now,the V1.3 will include WRA / WRB / WRC wallboxes,sorry for the delay. The Wallbox2mp3 V1.3 should be available this week end,thank you for your support,

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