Now we’ll officially launch the wallbox2mp3

The wallbox2mp3 is finally ready.We have to rapidly launch a big production.

But first,we need to communicate ,to let the world know that jukebox wallbox are still alive,they’re not just a beautiful collector,they can act as real jukebox !

Our first event is certainly th best one. We’ve choice to show for the first time our wallbox2mp3 on the biggest European Jukebox event : ” Rock Around the Jukebox” in Rosmalen , Netherland !

We’ll have only a few items to sell and maybe not any ( depending of our production time ),but we’ll be able to show about 10 jukebox wallbox playing like in their early ages and obviously with their customized titlestrips  🙂


So we’re late but our machines are working hard to be able to present the wallbox2mp3 systems.

Today our CNC builds covers for the Seeburg DEC wallbox :


And our little Chinese pick and place builds the electronic part night and day ,here also for the seeburg DEC :

pick_and_place seeburg DEC
















3 thoughts on “Now we’ll officially launch the wallbox2mp3

  1. Hi,
    Your product looks very interesting and there’s lots of detail on your website, but this was the only place I could find to contact you.
    I downloaded the executable Wallbox2mp3.jar and tried to run it on Linux Mint 17 without success. Have you tried running this on Linux? I get a warning about the “executable bit”, and that the file does not have “execute” permissions. I tried to change these as root using “chmod”, but although there are no errors, the permissions cannot be changed. I am no expert, but I’ve used Linux for years, though never with Java programs, and have not seen this before. Can you help, please? Thanks, Steve

    • Hi Steve and sorry for the delay of my response,
      thank you for your comment,I’m going to place my email adress ( ) in a more visible way
      actually I’ve not still tried the wallbox2mp3 software on a Linux system (other than Ubuntu that is quite easy to use),but as i’ve written it in JAVA ,i’ve just thought that it was working on every OS.But I know that using Java with Linux may be sometime difficult as there can be much security configuration issues. I’m not an expert in Linux but i think that as you’ve well managed chmods,the trouble may be Java itself. Is it well installed ? Is it allowed to be launched ? Can you launch another .Jar file?
      If you’ve still not found the solution,please let me know and I’m going to install the Linux Mint 17 on an old computer to try to help you.
      Have a nice day,

  2. FabienW,
    Please advise when will the V1.3 release be available and will it be able to work
    with a Rowe/AMI WRA-200 wallbox? Thanks, Rick

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